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Open the Cage Gear LLC was created following the release of the original song in 2015 called “ Open the Cage “. After listening to the song several times, we realized we had something really special. The song’s chorus sparked a fire that led our team to develop a new lifestyle brand. Open the Cage Gear is not another "run of the mill" lifestyle brand. This brand has substance and is relatable...especially to those who courageously attack life's challenges.

We believe that a brand should stand out, motivate, and inspire you to conquer whatever stands in your way! “Open the Cage” is a metaphor. And it is how we approach every day. No matter what challenges you face, overcoming them, begins with that first decision,... to "Open the Cage!" Make that all starts today. Join the movement, get into the fight, and let your story inspire others to wear the OTC brand with pride. “Life is a fight. Open the Cage!”

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