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We are amazed at how many people have been supporting our products just because they love the brand, designs, concept, and ideology behind them. We want to give a big shout out to the following individuals that have supported OTC by helping to get our brand and message out. Thank you! Life's a fight.....OPEN THE CAGE.



Life is a Fight. Open the Cage.

That mantra resonates inside of me to push me harder and farther than I ever expect myself to go. Our own inside voice, and sometimes other people, tells us that we are not capable or that we aren't tough enough.

I am an outdoor being. I have fallen in love with camping, backpacking, hiking, and hunting. I am a competition shooter, and a firearms Instructor. All of this came to pass after a diagnosis of malignant melanoma, only the deadliest form of skin cancer on the planet!

Temporarily, I sulked and thought that I just had to find things to do inside for the rest of my life. Eventually I learned that with the right gear, the right activities and conditions, and the right FRAME of MIND I can do anything and succeed.

My diagnosis was a miracle, and although it did save my life I feel that it also gave me a new and much improved life. Until that point, I only wanted to sunbathe or float in a pool if I had to be outside. Now, I find myself, and renew my spirit every single time that I step foot outside. I just had to fight for it.

Be a beast, be a warrior, be you. You always have to fight for what you want. Go get it!



My love for the outdoors blossomed early in life. I learned a lot from my grandfather and uncle in the Rocky Mountains learning how to fly fish, track game, and build both shelters and fire. I continue to be an avid outdoorsman and an alligator and boar hunter. I hone my survival skills on a regular basis to keep my mind and body on point. I've completed four Naked & Afraid challenges, 21 days in Alabama, 40 days in South Africa, 14 days on the deserted island of Andros and two weeks in the frozen tundra of Alaska.

I am a professional artist that goes by the pen name Nevets Killjoy. I use hard lines and loud colors to express my artistic visions. Self taught, My artwork has been displayed all over the United States and I'm an up and comer in the art world.

My faith, hard work, determination, and hunger for knowledge and adventure make me a renaissance man. Trying to become the best at anything I put my mind to, I strive to complete my main goal in change the world.

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